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The best cleaners, chemicals, and sanitization solutions to use on your hot tub so as to ensure it is at its best. If you own and use your own hot tub, keeping it clean and free of bacteria is critical for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Sanitizers, pH adjusters, and shock treatments are the essential factors that go into keeping and regulating your hot tub water. Testing the water in your hot tub is an important part of keeping it clean, safe, and healthy. Test strips are the most convenient way to test the water since they rapidly and precisely display the sanitizer, pH, and total alkalinity levels. This gives you the opportunity to make any necessary chemical modifications. Test water everyday whether the spa is used or not. To manage and prevent bacteria development, your hot tub will need to be cleaned with a Sanitiser. Germs may proliferate quickly in a heated setting, so keep the sanitizer level up to date to guarantee that any bacteria in the water is eliminated. Chlorine and bromine are the two most common sanitisers for keeping your hot tub clean. PPM stands for Parts per Million, and it is used to monitor the quantity of chemical in hot tubs. Keep the chlorine level in your pool at 3-5ppm if you use it. If you utilize bromine, strive to keep your bromine level between 2 and 5 parts per million. there are some other cleaners and chemicals that you will be required to learn about as you go on with your hot tub owning experience.