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Learn how to care for and maintain your hot tub, from setting up to cleaning, to winterizing a hot tub and much more via tutorials and hot to guides. Take a time to educate yourself with some key phrases before you drop into the warm water of your new spa. For example, it might be referred to as a portable spa or just a spa. Some people refer to every hot tub as a "Jacuzzi." However, this is an awful example of a brand name becoming global. It's critical to know the manufacturer and type of your hot tub. It's much easier to acquire replacement parts when you have this information on hand. It's also beneficial to have a copy of your spa's "vital statistics" on hand. These factors include the hot tub's water content, age, and any unique water issues (like hard water) that you may have when maintaining it. Because it needs the same basic maintenance as a small swimming pool, you may think of the spa as a miniature swimming pool. Maintaining a healthy water circulation system. Maintain a straightforward cleaning regimen. Keeping the chemistry of your water in check. It's likely that all you'll need to maintain your home spa on a daily basis is a few minutes.  Any tutorials and hot to guides will advice you to include the following items in your to-do list: Make sure the spa cover is clean and in good working order. A properly fastened cover keeps debris, dogs, and children out while keeping heat, moisture, and chemicals in. Check the water temperature and make any required adjustments. Any severe temperature variations should be noted, since they might signal a serious system problem. Examine the cover and spa for any damage. This is particularly crucial for outdoor spas, which are frequently visited by animals.