Free Standing Corner Tubs: Buyer’s Guide

free standing corner tubs

The free standing corner tubs have become one of the most popular bathtub designs. They maximize space in the bathroom while giving the bathroom a regal, luxury feel. You can find many different styles to suit your unique tastes and bathroom design. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about benefits. Below you’ll find the tips. You can even use a corner space to store your toilet paper!

Can you put a free standing tub in a corner?

free standing corner tubs
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A freestanding corner tub can save space in a bathroom. Not only will you have more room for other bathroom accessories, but you’ll also get more wall space for your bathtub. These tubs have a custom shape that makes them the perfect fit for tight spaces. You can choose between a corner tub with a built-in toilet or a freestanding tub that stands by itself.

For larger bathrooms, a corner tub may not be the most practical choice. Those with a small bathroom may want to opt for a corner soaking tub. These tubs are deep and can fit in a tiny corner. 

The soaking depth is ideal for a corner tub. A small, wall-mounted sink and a shower enclosure may also be necessary. If the bathroom is narrow, a corner tub can be installed to save space.

Are corner tubs a good idea?

A freestanding corner bathtub may seem like a weird idea, but it can be a great solution for a small bathroom. Corner tubs can be customized to fit in any space, including small ones. Some of them feature attached showerheads. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a freestanding corner tub, you should know that they’re more expensive than other bathtub options, but that price tag is often offset by their unique and stylish design.

The benefits of a freestanding bathtub include being able to place it wherever you want. Freestanding tubs are perfect for bathrooms where you want to enjoy the view of the outdoors. 

You can even place a freestanding tub in the corner of a room for a more romantic feel. They’re also less expensive than freestanding versions and may fit better in a small bathroom. However, they don’t have the same elegant look as a freestanding corner bathtub.

Do corner tubs save space?

There are several benefits to installing a free-standing corner tub in your bathroom. The bathtub takes up less space, saving you valuable floor space. You can also fit a shower over it, which doubles the benefits of space-saving bathtubs. 

In addition, you can save floor space in your bathroom by opting for a sleek, two-person soaker. Its nontraditional size saves floor space while providing deep massages with water jets and air jets.

A corner tub may look bulky and is hard to access when compared to a traditional bath. A corner tub is usually rounded, while a traditional one is aligned against the wall. Some corner tubs even include built-in armrests or additional deep bathing wells. 

They also have generous shelf space and different mounting options for faucets. You can choose the style that best suits your bathroom’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Corner freestanding tub ideas:

If you have a cramped bathroom, you may consider installing a corner freestanding tub. A corner bathtub allows you to squeeze in more space into the bathroom, so you can have a spacious shower and tub area

These tubs can also be customized with benches, foot rests, and arm rests to provide ultimate comfort. The warm water in a corner tub is so relaxing that time seems to stand still. You don’t have to worry about work, family, or your daily stress while relaxing in one.

A corner tub can be built in or dropped into a platform. A marble or limestone surround adds a touch of luxury, while a fern and plant life add a natural feel. If you have a cottage-style home, consider installing a white beaded board around your built-in tub. In addition to adding a spa-like feel to your bathroom, a corner tub can be the focal point of the room.

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