How To Choose The Best One Piece Bathtub Shower Combo

Best One Piece Bathtub Shower Combo

Wondering how to choose the best one piece bathtub shower combo? Do two-piece units or a separate tub and shower combo make more sense? Find out in this article. This article will cover the size and material of a standard one-peice bathtub shower, and which features it has over a two-piece unit. In addition, learn how to replace your old one-peice shower with a better one. Also, learn how to clean your one-piece shower and what the manufacturers recommend.

Are one peice bathtub shower combo better?

Best One Piece Bathtub Shower Combo
Source: Best One Piece Bathtub Shower Combo

When it comes to convenience, one peice bathtub shower combos tend to be better than their counterparts. The majority of bathtub-shower combinations are made of one solid piece, which helps prevent mold growth and makes cleaning easier. 

The high-quality acrylic material is easily wiped down, eliminating the need to scrub grout lines. The convenience of one-piece design is especially attractive to busy homeowners. However, there are some drawbacks as well.

For starters, a separate tub looks more attractive than a two-piece unit. In addition, a separate tub can have a different wall material, such as ceramic tile, cultured marble, or solid surface materials such as Corian. 

In addition, a separate tub can be installed to any height. This means you can have a tub that matches the rest of the bathroom design. Also, you can choose to use whichever type of faucet is installed in your bathroom.

What size is a standard one peice bathtub shower?

A shower and bathtub combination can be found in a variety of sizes, depending on their features. The standard size of a shower is approximately 36 x 36 inches, or about nine square feet. A shower/tub combo can be much larger or smaller, based on your needs and available space. 

However, keep in mind that a standard shower size only describes the interior space. It does not include the frame or wall space needed to install the shower.

One-piece shower tubs vary in size. The typical bathtub is 60 inches long and 30-32 inches wide, while a walk-in bathtub is 50 inches tall and can hold up to 100 gallons of water. The dimensions of a standard bathtub and shower combination are 60 inches wide, thirty-eight inches deep, and seventy-two inches high. 

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Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need a larger tub, if you have more than one bathroom.

What are the advantages of buying a One piece bathtub shower combo?

There are many advantages to buying a one-piece bathtub shower combination. These units are more energy-efficient than a traditional tub, and some manufacturers even manufacture customized models that can accommodate special needs. 

One of the biggest challenges with one of these systems is determining whether or not it will fit through the doors. Depending on the size of the bathroom, some manufacturers may not be able to provide you with a unit that fits through the doors. Manufacturers such as Keidel often install the units during the construction process.

One-piece shower units have standard dimensions and come in different materials, but they are most often made of acrylic or fiberglass. They combine a bathtub and shower, as well as side walls. Some models have built-in shelves and other convenient features. 

These tubs are easy to install and are a great option for small bathrooms. They also require less cleaning than a normal bathtub and save you money in the process. Choosing a one-piece bathtub shower combo is a great way to create space in your bathroom while maintaining the appearance and functionality of the space.

How to replace a one peice shower:

The replacement process is fairly easy once you know how to remove the old tub. 

  • Start by dismantling the tub’s plastic cover. 
  • Next, remove the faucet handle and trim plate. 
  • Finally, remove the overflow cover. 

After removing the overflow panel, you can remove the tub’s remaining panes. Install new panes as necessary. Make sure you measure twice before beginning. Make sure to take note of the apron, where the new tub will sit and where the old faucet will sit.

The cost of replacing a one-piece bathtub and shower combo depends on the type of unit you purchase and how difficult it is to remove it. Removing hundreds of tiles is not an easy task. 

Other factors that affect the cost of removing an old tub and replacing it with a new one are the material of the old unit and the removal costs. Finally, you should consider the size of the openings in your current bathroom.

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