How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter: A Simple Guide

How to clean a hot tub filter

A hot tub is an amazing method to relax and rejuvenate. When you’re resting in your spa, the last thing you want to think about is how dirty the water is. As a person enters the hot tub, creams, cosmetics, and hair care items on their body run off into the water. Before utilizing the hot tub, take a shower to help remove any hazardous contaminants. Hair, sweat, and other human bodily fluids contaminate the water, lowering its cleanliness. This article will focus on how to clean a hot tub filter to ensure a sanitary hot tub experience. 

What Is A Hot Tub Filter’s Purpose? How Does It Work And What Is It?

The purpose of a hot tub is to filter and heat water by circulation. After flowing through the filter and/or suctions with the circulation pump, dirty water is pushed back out through the jets. This circulation system keeps the water clean and warm. As a result, the filter is among the most important components of a hot tub. A dirty filter with a lot of debris, on the other hand, may not be able to filter water effectively. This results in filthy or oily water, as well as bacterial growth. If the water is extremely dirty, it might even ruin the hot tub by overworking the pumps or clogging the pipes. 

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What Is the Importance of Keeping a Hot Tub Filter Clean?

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As previously stated, a hot tub filter is necessary for the proper functioning of a hot tub and, if congested, can result in the following issues:

  • Limited Flow – An error message such as “—” or “FLO” or “DRY” may appear on the display. The heater is shut off as a precaution when the system detects inadequate flow through the heater. Pump stress, slower heating, and less power going through the jets can all result from a low flow rate.
  • Contaminated Water – Your hot tub’s filter, along with your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine), is both necessary for keeping it clean. When a filter gets clogged or dirty, it can affect the purity and cleanliness of the water, as well as make sanitization ineffective.
  • Damage – If a filter is overly dirty, particles will accumulate and lead to damage of parts. 

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How to Clean Hot Tub Filter

There are various ways to clean hot tub filters.  Washing hot tub filters with vinegar, using a Customized hot tub filter cleaner, and rinsing hot tub filters in the washer are some of the options.  Learn how to clean hot tub filters properly to maintain your hot tub clean, hygienic, and operating,

Weekly Rinse

Cleaning spa filters requires consistency.  Detach the hot tub filter and clean it with water to remove the filter’s accumulation every week. This rapid rinse does not require the use of a jacuzzi filter cleaning. Utilize water from a hose or even the faucet to speed up the process, being sure to get between the pleats. Never use a high-pressure washer to clean the filter of residue. The water flow should be modest enough to prevent the filter from being ripped or destroyed. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling it in the hot tub.

The Best Technique To Clean Spa Filters Is To Do It Regularly.

You should do a more comprehensive cleaning once a month, or as needed, on top of the weekly cleaning. The deep cleaning will involve removing the filter and cleaning it with a hot tub filter cleaning solution to remove any built-up debris or contaminants that will require more than a rinse.

The Best Way To Clean Hot Tub Filters

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  1. Prepare the filter cleaning product for the hot tub. Prep your hot tub filter cleaning fluid in advance so you can swiftly replace the filter after removing it from your spa. Drench the filter fully in a large container. Fill it up with water and either a homemade or commercial hot tub filter cleaner. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is designed to effectively and safely clean hot tub filters. Use the proper water-to-jacuzzi-filter-cleaner proportion to achieve the best outcome.
  2. Read your instruction booklet. If this is your first experience cleaning the filter or if you need a refresher, see your spa’s guidelines. It will tell you where your filter is including how to remove it securely. Turn off your hot tub. Never use your hot tub without a filter, since this can lead to blocked pump propellers and poor water quality.
  3. Remove the filter and check it for any issues. If the filter has been stained or broken, it should be discarded and replaced.
  4. Rinse to get rid of any apparent buildup. Wash the filter and carefully check it in between the pleats for any material that can be removed by hand, just like hair, tiny sticks, or leaves, before immersing it.
  5. Dip the filter in the hot tub filter cleaning agent for a few minutes. To get the best clean, soak the filter overnight. (If you’re using bleach to clean your hot tub filter, only soak it for a few hours).
  6. Rinse the filter once more. Water should be sprayed on the filter with enough power to remove any remaining residue.
  7. Replace the filter. If the filter is clean, let it dry completely. Then, as directed in your owner’s handbook, insert the filter in the hot tub.
  8. Enjoy the benefits of your hot tub’s clean, filtered water!


  • Is it possible to soak hot tub filters in bleach?
    It is not advised since the bleach will harm the filter’s fibers.
  • Can a hot tub filter be cleaned in the dishwasher?
    The procedure is not advised since it destroys the filter and does not clean between the pleats.
  • Is it advisable to clean spa filters with vinegar?
    Yes, this is a good method for eliminating mineral deposits and scale, but it does not remove oils or other impurities.
  • Can baking soda be used to clean hot tub filters?
    It is not advised to use baking soda in hot tub filters since it is difficult to clean the baking soda off the filter. However, baking soda may be used as a general cleaner for the surface of hot tubs.
  • Can muriatic acid be used to clean filters?
    Muriatic acid should never be used to clean hot tub filters since it is too abrasive for the filter components and can destroy the filter.
  • Can you clean hot tub filters with washing up liquid?
    Cleaning your filters using washing up liquid or detergent is ineffective. Furthermore, since it is difficult to remove the detergent from the filter, there is a possibility of contaminating the water.
  • Can your hot tub filter be washed in the washing machine?
    This is not advised since the filter slamming on the washing machine’s metal drum may cause the plastic to shatter.
  • Can OxiClean be used to clean a hot tub filter?
    The only thing OxiClean will do is clean the filter case.


Many people already own a hot tub, which is considered a luxury item. However, before you go out and get one, you should understand that they require regular maintenance to continue working properly.

We’ve provided you with plenty of useful guidance and step-by-step instruction on how to clean your hot tub filter, so you’ll have all the knowledge you need. Cleaning a hot tub filter is, as you can see, fairly straightforward. It will last longer if you maintain your hot tub on a routine basis and use clean hot tub filters.

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