Inflatable Tub Characteristics – Benefits & Tips


What are some inflatable tub characteristics that make people prefer them over other options?

Many people are not that enthusiastic when it comes to having a conventional built-in hot tub installed in their homes. The main reasons include the fact that it is expensive, difficult to set up and does not lend itself to easy transport. Many prefer an inflatable hot tub instead. It is cheap, lightweight and does not require too much space. Many inflatable hot tubs in the market are also made of high quality durable material, promising long years of fun.

What are major benefits and other inflatable tub characteristics?

Inflatable Tub Characteristics – Portable

A built-in hot tub is really heavy – and it is built-in. You cannot carry it around. It is more or less a permanent fixture in your home. If you want to move it, you will have to spend several days just disassembling it. You will have to hire an electrician and plumber to help you with the more technical aspects involved in installing or disassembling a traditional hot tub.

An inflatable hot tub, on the other hand, simply needs to be deflated and packed if you want to move it to another area. Setting it up only requires you to inflate it and set it up on level ground.

Convenient To Set Up

You do not have to be an expert to set up an inflatable hot tub. You simply have to refer to the manual for instructions. Some individuals even just wing it – the process is easy, intuitive, and fast. Setting up an inflatable hot tub is decidedly a do-it-yourself project. You do not need a plumber or an electrician to set it up.

Inflatable Tub Characteristics – Comparatively Cheaper

When it comes to price, there is no comparison. You definitely need much less money for an inflatable hot tub than you would for a conventional hot tub. The price difference is enormous. The former costs about a tenth of the price of the former. Moreover, you also save on the set-up expenses as you do not need to hire a plumber and electrician. You are not also required to spend on building a firm foundation. All you need for an inflatable hot tub is to find a level ground where you can set it up.

Requires Less Space

You can choose to set up an inflatable hot tub only when you have use for it. You can set it up for summer and deflate and store it during the chilly winter months. Even if you opt to keep it in its place, it still requires much less space than the typical huge traditional hot tub.

Inflatable Tub Characteristics – Durable

Research and modern technology have resulted to great advancements in the design and manufacture of inflatable hot tubs. You can find a lot of high quality durable inflatable spas in the market today.

Inflatable hot tubs, by their nature, are expected to last through a number of years in spite of repeated inflation, filling and draining, deflation, transport and storage. You simply have to be careful about keeping sharp objects away and you can enjoy the use of your hot tub for a long time.

An inflatable hot tub is made of several layers of thick, strong and solid vinyl rubber. The rubber becomes inflexible when completely inflated; thus, providing genuine and reliable protection. The materials used in the manufacture of inflatable hot tubs are tough, sturdy and long-lasting. You can expect it to withstand rowdy water play, jabs, appalling weather, and the accumulation of debris.

Inflatable Tub Characteristics – Easy to Repair

When the fiberglass of a conventional hot tub cracks, you should be ready to pay a big amount of money for its repair. On the other hand, if a sharp object results in piecing a hole in your inflatable tub, you simply need to get hold of a patch kit and do the repair yourself without any fuss.

Requires Simple Care and Maintenance

An inflatable hot tub is ideal for a smaller group of people. No need for expensive chemicals to ensure that the water remains clean. You just need to change the water every week to prevent the growth of contaminants like algae or bacteria. You also need to use a water softener.

After draining your hot tub, use a soft non-abrasive washcloth and warm soapy water to clean it, then rinse it thoroughly.

When not in use, make sure to use its cover so that debris like grass, small twigs, or leaves do not settle onto the water.

Your hot tub has a filter to strain out small particles of debris. Make sure to have a couple of filters on hand so you have an extra one to use when you clean the other. Clean the filter weekly, especially if you use the tub often. Discard and replace used filters after every six months or so.

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