Japanese Soaking Tub Inside A Shower

Japanese soaking tub inside shower

If you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider installing a Japanese soaking tub inside your shower. A Japanese tub is a great option for small bathrooms because it allows you to soak in a tub while still being within easy reach of your shower. However, if you don’t have the room for a bathtub, you can buy a small Japanese soaking tub instead. Here’s how to do it.

How much does a Japanese soaking tub cost:

Japanese soaking tub inside shower
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You can find a wide variety of sizes and styles of Japanese soaking tubs. The traditional design is deep and small with an upright seat, but you can also find outdoor tubs. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a copper or stainless steel tub. 

There are five fantastic designs to choose from, including free-standing, drop-in, and outdoor versions.

There are many advantages to installing a Japanese soaking tub. It saves space in large bathrooms. That space can be used for a steam shower or sauna. They also use a lot less water than traditional western tubs, and can be quite large. 

However, larger tubs can hold hundreds of gallons of water! The weight of these large tubs is one of the biggest factors when installing them, and a three or four-person bathtub may require a reinforced floor.

How to buy a Japanese soaker tub for a tiny bathroom:

Whether you have a small shower or a narrow space, buying a Japanese soaker tub will provide you with the luxury of a hot bath. Smaller tubs come with modern features like jets and aromatherapy, and some even have inline heating. 

Before you make your purchase, take some time to measure your bathroom. Consult a plumber or contractor to help you get the proper measurements.

Online stores often offer toll-free customer support, which makes it easy to get a bathtub with questions answered. Some websites also recommend service partners who will install the tub for you, if needed. 

You should check the warranty period carefully, as some manufacturers offer limited warranties and do not offer return shipping. You should also check out the size and materials of the tub, as determining the right size can make the difference between a low quality tub and a high-end product.

Are Japanese soaking tubs comfortable:

Typically made of wood, a Japanese soaking tub is at least 25 inches deep. They have seats that allow bathers to soak completely while seated. Most soaking tubs come in round or square designs. 

Some are even oval or rectangular, but these tubs are usually smaller. Depending on your bathroom’s layout, you can purchase a shallow tub or one with steps to enter and exit the tub.

Japanese soaking bathtubs are a unique alternative to the freestanding bathtub. Unlike the traditional European style tub, they require far less water. Because of this, they are ideal for occasional use. 

However, they are hardly practical for everyday use. While not practical for daily use, they do offer a unique, Eastern feel to a bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing bath or a shower, a Japanese soaking tub may be the right choice for you.

Can you shower in a Japanese soaking tub:

If you’ve never tried a soaking tub, you’re not alone. Most modern homes don’t have room for a separate tub and shower, and soaking tubs tend to require a little getting used to. 

A Japanese soaking tub is an ideal alternative, as its smaller profile allows for more soaking depth. A few considerations should be made before purchasing a Japanese soaking tub.

The Japanese soaking tub is a deep, steep-sided bath that is usually submerged up to the chest. Inspired by traditional wooden tubs, a modern version comes equipped with a bench seat so the bather can maintain a good posture and enjoy the soaking process. 

It has its origins in the ancient Japanese ritual of ablution, which is an important part of Japanese culture and a way to achieve physical and spiritual renewal.

The Japanese soaking tub is unique. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but is extremely relaxing. 

Bathers love the fact that they can sit upright in this tub, while their feet are below their waist and their back is straight. This means there is no pressure on their shoulders, neck, or back. It also fits in tiny spaces, making it a convenient addition to a bathroom. But what if you don’t have a bathtub in your home?

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