What You Need to Know Before Buying a Center Drain Bathtub?

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Center Drain Bathtub?

What are the things you need to know before buying a center drain bathtub? Have you ever wondered if they actually make a bathtub with a center drain? If not, how do you install a center drain? And how do you install a Center drain shower kit? Read on to find out. You can also find tips on choosing a center drain shower kit. 

This article will also explain what a center drain means, how to install a center drain, and other information that will make the process as easy as possible.

Do they make bathtubs with center drains?

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Center Drain Bathtub?
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When a person is looking for a tub with a center drain, a decision may need to be made about the type of stopper. There are two types of stoppers: the trip-lever stopper and the strainer type. 

The latter is relatively inexpensive, but requires more complicated installation and maintenance. The trip-lever stopper is a great option if a bathtub with a center drain is the goal.

The overflow drain, also known as the reversible drain, is a separate design that can be installed in the center of the tub. It’s important to note that the drain is located in the center of the bathtub to prevent flooding. 

In addition to reversible drains, you can also choose a center drain pan with a floor drain. When installing a center drain bathtub, you should take into consideration any building codes in your area. The difference between a center drain pan and a reversible drain is that the former can be installed in either direction.

How do you install a center bathtub drain?

You may be wondering how to install a center bathtub drain. First, remove the tub’s existing p-trap. If your tub has a metal or PVC drain, you need to install a rubber coupling on the open end. 

Next, install the new p-trap under the new center outlet drain’s marked location. Connect the overflow plate to the drain shoe with a connecting nut.

The drain flange is the body that connects the tub and the waste pipe. Make sure that it’s the right size by using a measuring tape or a plumber’s drain fitting kit. Alternatively, you can have a professional plumber install the drain for you. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can test the tub for leaks by filling it with water and draining it. If you have a leak, you can remove the plug top and swap the pipe connections.

If the tub is already on a drain, skip the next step and simply measure and cut a hole in the wood subfloor. Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate the plumbing trap and drop-in drain.

Afterwards, you’ll need to repair any open subfloor sections. If you’re going to use a center bathtub drain, a product like EZ-drop-in-drain is a great option, as it includes a cutting template and protective layer.

What does a center drain bathtub mean?

If you’re starting a bathroom remodeling project, you’ll probably be asked several questions regarding the plumbing layout and the bathtub’s drain location. 

To decide which one you need, simply stand in front of your shower and look at it as if you were about to step in. If the drain is on your right, then you’ve chosen a right-handed tub. If it’s on your left, you’ve chosen a left-handed tub.

A center drain tub requires a large cutout in the floor. A standard tub requires a large cutout for the drain and overflow pipes. While this solution works for most new construction and remodels, it doesn’t work well when the drain is not installed in the center of the bathtub. In addition, a tub that’s installed on a slab will require trenching and installing a false floor.

Center drain shower kits:

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The Veritek Shower kit features a tile pattern, frameless by-pass shower doors and 0.25-inch-thick, clear glass. The shower door features a soap dish molded into the glass, a glass surround, towel bars, and a drain cover. 

It also includes a door handle and a drain cover. Compared to a traditional tiled shower, this one is much more affordable, and it offers a low-threshold design.

A center drain bath tub shower kit is perfect for small bathrooms or for anyone who wants a larger shower. Shower kits come in many different sizes and configurations, making it easy to find one that fits your bathroom. 

If your bathroom is small, you should opt for a one-piece unit that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Choose the kit that matches the layout of your bathroom, and make sure to choose a drain that lines up with the floor drain.

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